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09 January 2011


Code Red Releasing's DVD of Camillo Bazzoni's A LONG RIDE FROM HELL (Vivo per la Tua Morte/Ich Bin ein Entflohener Kettensträfling/Vivo para Matarte) hits the streets this upcoming Tuesday (well... most of you will probably get it online rather than in-store).  This was not only Steve Reeve's first Spaghetti Western, it was also his first film as an uncredited producer and a writer (adapting Gordon Sherriffs' novel "Judas Gun" with Roberto Natale, scripter of Mario Bava's KILL, BABY KILL! and LISA AND THE DEVIL).  It also proved to be his last film as Reeves' retired from acting due to a shoulder injury that made doing stunt work increasingly harder.  Here, Reeves plays Mike Sturgess, a rancher who ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time while chasing after some cattle rustlers.  He and his brother find themselves fingered for a train robbery and sent to prison at Fort Yuma, while the real robber Maynard (Wadye Preston, of TV's COLT 45) and his partners stash the gold until the coast clears.  After his brother dies in prison, Mike and some other prisoners lead a jail break so that Mike can get revenge.  Rosalba Neri (DEVIL'S WEDDING NIGHT), Silvana Venturini (LICKERISH QUARTET), Bruno Corazzari (THE BLACK CAT), and Franco Fantasia (THE MURDER MANSION) co-star.

I previously reviewed this upcoming DVD at DVDBeaver, but more recently I've also written a review of the disc for George Reis' fantastic DVD Drive-In site (you'll find that review HERE).

While you're there, check out some of the other current reviews and announcements at DVD Drive-In.  You can always find a link to their main page on my "Favorite Pages" drop-down menu on the right panel of this blog.

"Code Red Releasing" releases at my Amazon aStore

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