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27 August 2009

3 More From Code Red!

My D reviews of the latest 3 Code Red DVDs are up now. In NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER, a Canadian slasher-comedy, a stalker in a basketball mask is taking out the members of the Watergate Plumbers basketball team. Awful eighties hairstyles, clothes, and music abound along with some hit-and-miss Zucker Brothers style comedy. A cowboy physicist battles corporate thugs and a relentless mercenary when they try to force him off his land in order to dump a black ball full of atomic waste in CHOKE CANYON with Stephen Collins, Bo Svenson, and Lance
Henriksen. In the Exploitation Cinema double feature, a Swedish sex ed teacher comes under fire when a wild girl fakes a pregnancy in TEENAGE MOTHER while the foster son of a farming family has to face off against his resentful brothers when foster dad offers him the farm in TEENAGE GRAFFITI.

12 August 2009

The Howl

I reviewed Cult Epics' DVD release of Tinto Brass' rarely seen masterwork THE HOWL (L'URLO) for Gary Tooze's DVDBeaver. Shot during 1968, this near-plotless film concerns Anita (Tina Aumont), who runs out on her fiance, and Coso (Luigi Proietti) through a series of bizarre misadventures involving philosophical cannibals, a midget Napoleon, and tons of naked hippie extras. Fans of Fernando Arrabal and Alejandro Jodorowsky should check this out. Cult Epics' DVD is not the best transfer but it is derived from Tinto Brass' own print which is the only uncensored version available (the better-looking version that was shown on the Italian Sky Classics channel was cut). Brass provides an engaging English language commentary. His accent is thick and he trips over the language some times but it is still great to hear him talk about his films (his interviews on the previous Cult Epics discs are great but it is nice to hear him talk scene-specifically).

10 August 2009

Jonathan (1969)

My review of Kinowelt's German DVD of Hans W. Geissendorfer's rarely seen vampire film JONATHAN is up at Lovelockandload. Vampires have ravaged the countryside. The townspeople are afraid. A small band of idealists decide that the only way to stop the vampires is to destroy them all. Young Jonathan is recruited to get into the Count's castle and learn the layout in preparation for a full-scale attack. Along the way, Jonathan encounters various perils and bizarre sights. Visually ravishing (shot by Wim Wenders' regular cinematographer Robby Muller), JONATHAN's politics are naive but that does not make the film un-entertaining (except the unnecessary bit with the rat).

06 August 2009


My review of Code Red's DVD of William Fruet's TRAPPED is up now at DVDBeaver. A group of university students gone hiking in the south for the weekend (including Nicholas Campbell of TV's DAVINCI'S INQUEST) witness psychotic Chatwill (Henry Silva) brutally murder the man he caught in bed with his wife. Soon they are not only on the run from him but also an entire backwoods community.

03 August 2009

"At least this time no one can say the butler did it!"

Over at DVDBeaver, you'll find my advance reviews of Code Red's DVDs of Michele Lupo's THE WEEKEND MURDERS and THE STRANGENESS. In THE WEEKEND MURDERS, bodies start piling up on an English country estate after the reading of a will. A spoof of Agatha Christie-type thrillers that is funny as hell and will keep you guessing who the killer is. In THE STRANGENESS, miners re-open a condemned mine in search of gold. Little do they know that there is a tentacle-waving monster lurking in the shadows to eat them.
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